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October Promotion Poster

180 Fitness & Spa

General Description

180 Fitness & Spa is a renowned spa in Beirut.

Every month we create a poster to advertise for their monthly promotions.

180 Fitness & Spa, Promotion Poster


Healing Hand Clinic

General Description

Healing Hand Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon are specialists in physical therapy. They offer different healing services and had a new addition “Aromatherapy” to the list.

The project was to create a flyer to be printed and placed at the clinic to advertise and inform the clients about Aromatherapy.

Healing Hand Clinic, Flyer

Poster/Social Media Ad

Tommy x ABC x 180 Fitness & Spa

General Description

ABC Mall Lebanon and Tommy Hilfiger were celebrating 10 years of Tommy in Lebanon in collaboration with 180 Fitness & Spa.

The project was to create a poster for the event at ABC Verdun.

Tommy x ABC x 180 Fitness & Spa, Event

Social Media Ad

B018 Nightclub

General Description

B018 is a renowned nightclub in Lebanon that hosts different DJs almost every weekend. I was asked to design several posts for their social media.

I wanted to show energy resulting from the combination of music and lights happening at night.

B018, Nightclub