Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Maria (Masha) Baghdadi
  • Date of birth: 25 May 1989
  • Nationality: Lebanese / Russian
  • Address: Lebanon
  • Phone: +961 71 388 538
  • Email: masha@mashabaghdadi.com

Professional Profile

Graphic / Web / Interior Designer
Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger
Social Media and Content Manager

I am passionate about design and fashion. I am also passionate about perfection. I have a good eye for detail. I am a fast-learner and hard-worker who seeks excellent results. I am cooperative and used to working with a team, at the same time I easily adapt to changing environments. My other interests are photography, reading, tennis, traveling, and music.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2016 May - Present

Personal Blog - mashmallows.com


• Founder of Mashmallows.com – Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle blog

• Responsible for the blog’s design, photo & picture editing, and creating & writing posts

• Handling the blog’s Facebook & Instagram pages and promoting them

2011 February - present

Design and Printing Department - American University of Science and Technology

Senior Graphic Designer

• In charge of all design (print, web, etc.) required for internal/external communication
• Successfully worked from briefs to develop designs that meet the requirements of the different departments at the university and managed the design team to ensure delivering best creative materials
• Supervised the design team throughout minor and major projects
• Closely communicated with the different departments at the university and suggested improvements to create the best image for the university
• Actively created materials for the university’s different events and exhibitions including presentations and symposiums
• Worked closely with Copywriters to generate ideas to present to the different departments
• Managed well working on entire projects, not just production of specific pieces, and keeping up with the deadlines without exceeding budget limitations
• Cooperated with programmers and developers to upgrade the university’s website and mobile application

2016 January - Present


Social Media & Content Manager

• Handling social media accounts for different clients
• Creating and managing the content to be published
• Building the clients’ social media platforms and providing good exposure
• Helping the clients’ businesses grow

2009 February - 2011 February

Design and Printing Department - American University of Science and Technology

Graphic Designer (Part-time)

• Designed well the different requested materials and projects
• Successfully cooperated with the team’s designers to present the best results

2008 - Present

Freelance Projects

• Well designed different books, portfolios, brochures, flyers, roll-ups, banners, flags, etc. and handled their printing procedures
• Created corporate and brand identities for different clients and companies
• Contributed to Eco-friendly projects
• Designed websites and cooperated with programmers and developers to put them into execution
• Handled events and festivals in the sense of creating the full list of required design materials
• Worked on presentations for various clientele

My Education


2013 March - 2015 February

American University of Science and Technology - Ashrafieh

Minor in Interior Design

Honors Level – GPA 3.14

Successfully finished my Minor in Interior Design during which I learned how to use AutoCAD and 3Ds Max. I accomplished many projects that had to with interiors for homes, restaurants and cafes, and shops.

2011 October - 2013 February

American University of Science and Technology - Ashrafieh

Web Design Certificate

Honors Level – GPA 3.14

The certificate in Web Design taught me how to create well-designed websites.

2007 October - 2011 July

American University of Science and Technology - Ashrafieh

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

Honors Level – GPA 3.27

1992 - 2007

National Evangelical Institute for Girls and Boys - Sidon

Lebanese Bac II - Life Sciences

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  • Francois Tarabay


    Head of the Design and Printing Department at AUST with whom we’ve been working together for years now. To get in touch with this person, kindly contact me to provide you with his number.

  • Hala Habbal


    Chairperson of the Arts and Design Department at the American University of Science and Technology who was my supervisor during my years of study at AUST. To get in touch with this person, kindly contact me to provide you with her number.

  • Mayda Freije


    Typography and Design Instructor at the American University of Science and Technology who was a great instructor during my years of study and an amazing inspiration in general. To contact this person, kindly contact me to provide you with her number.

  • Aline Geagea


    Instructor in the Arts and Design Department at the American University of Science and Technology who

What I am good at

Skills & Knowledge


Adobe Photoshop 90%
Adobe Illustrator90%
Adobe InDesign90%
3Ds Max65%
Adobe Premiere50%



Certificate of Proficiency in English

Social Media

Liliana Idrees

  • Facebook @lilianaidrees
  • Instagram @lilianaidrees

Kanj Clinics

  • Facebook @kanjclinics
  • Instagram @kanjclinics


  • Logo Design & Corporate Identity
  • Brand Management
  • Quality Typography
  • Page Layout Design
  • Exhibition Display & Product Stands Design
  • Photography SLR/Digital
  • Print Production/Press
  • Interior Design for Apartments, Houses, Shops
  • Furniture Design
  • Photo Editing & Portrait Retouching
  • Photo Composition
  • Color theory knowledge
  • Web Usability
  • Grid & Layout

Hobbies & Interests

  • Fashion


    I've been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember; I really believe that how we dress says a lot about us.

  • Tennis


    Tennis is probably my favorite sport; I'm not yet a professional player tho... I regret I haven't started practicing it since I was little.

  • Yoga


    Not a professional yogini either, but I'm loving it because it is so relaxing especially after all the hustle of our everyday life.

  • Travel


    It's always great to discover new places, cultures, and sometimes just relax and recharge your batteries.

  • Photography


    Capturing the moment.

  • Movies


    Lately, I'm started to be interested in watching movies more and more!

  • Art


    How can I be a designer and not be interested in Art?

  • Food & Cooking

    Food & Cooking

    I love trying out new restaurants and new foods and cuisines. I also like to cook myself, tho I don't often get the chance to do that.

My best work


  • + >

    180 Fitness & Spa Poster

  • + >

    Healing Hand Clinic Flyer

  • + >

    B018 Nightclub

    Project Description

  • + >

    Abz Merhi

    Project Description

October Promotion Poster

180 Fitness & Spa

General Description

180 Fitness & Spa is a renowned spa in Beirut.

Every month we create a poster to advertise for their monthly promotions.

180 Fitness & Spa, Promotion Poster


Healing Hand Clinic

General Description

Healing Hand Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon are specialists in physical therapy. They offer different healing services and had a new addition "Aromatherapy" to the list.

The project was to create a flyer to be printed and placed at the clinic to advertise and inform the clients about Aromatherapy.

Healing Hand Clinic, Flyer

Poster/Social Media Ad

Tommy x ABC x 180 Fitness & Spa

General Description

ABC Mall Lebanon and Tommy Hilfiger were celebrating 10 years of Tommy in Lebanon in collaboration with 180 Fitness & Spa.

The project was to create a poster for the event at ABC Verdun.

Tommy x ABC x 180 Fitness & Spa, Event

Social Media Ad

B018 Nightclub

General Description

B018 is a renowned nightclub in Lebanon that hosts different DJs almost every weekend. I was asked to design several posts for their social media.

I wanted to show energy resulting from the combination of music and lights happening at night.

B018, Nightclub

Logo Design

Irina Atroscenko

General Description

Logo for my friend living in Latvia who specializes in handmade jewelry and accessories.

I wanted to reflect the classy feel of Irina's brand; I also went for something similar to handwriting because her jewelry and accessories are all handmade.

Irina Atroscenko, Owner

Business Card

Abz Merhi

General Description

Personal business card for fun.

A business card that reflects the energetic personality of the client.

Abz Merhi, Businessman